• Kathmandu, Nepal

    Working on the TI-92, these fifth grade students enjoyed seeing a graph. December 2012

  • Our Goal

    Through donations, equip teachers and students to teach and learn mathematics.

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  • St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

    Sixth Graders using TI-73 for the first time. Nov. 2011

  • Porterville, CA

    Being trained how to use the TI-83+ before using a class set. May, 2012

  • Port au Prince, Haiti

    Teachers are equipped with TI-92′s for their students. March, 2012


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We Need Calculators

We need calculators of every kind for schools everywhere. A list of preferred calculators is found in the donations page.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a conduit of graphing calculators that are no longer needed by schools or school districts mainly in the United States.

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